Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1, 2012

It's been a long time. I guess it just seemed so mundane to write with so little to report. Is that a good excuse for not blogging about a subject you are very passionate about? Not really especially if you consider yourself to be a writer at heart. Looking back I see now that a lot was happening, but maybe not as fast as I wanted it to. I am now down 51 pounds from where I started back in September of 2010. That's the good news. The bad news is that I lost that by September 24, 2011. So,yes damn it, I've not lost an ounce since. That's almost a whole year on a plateau!!! Okay, but there's good news in that bad news. That means I have maintained the weight loss. So that's good, right?

Here's what I know I should do, but haven't done. Strength training. Everything I've read says that you need to work on creating some muscle. Chronic Cardio just creates a calorie deficit which then signals to your body to slow down your metabolism. So it's better to go for a nice leisurely stroll than to walk for hours on a treadmill. Another benefit from NOT doing chronic cardio is that Chronic Cardio causes stress to your body which then produces cortisol which then adds on the pounds. So screw that!  I bought the strength bands in October of 2011. I didn't even open the package until, I don't know, May of 2012.  I just couldn't bust that move. So then I tried the triceps exercise with the lightest weight band, and I couldn't even move the damn thing. So I ordered a 10lb. stretch band. AND I still haven't tried it out. A lot of stuff was going on (excuse alert!). I was going out of town on two different trips, blah blah and boo frickety hoo.  I guess I was thinking about motivation and I thought, maybe I should fire up that pathetic blog I started almost two years ago and get a move on to phase two of the whole healthy living thing. So there you have it. I will try to post often, just to keep myself moving forward. It might be at a snail's pace, but the Japanese have a thought process on moving forward called Kaizen. It just means that you try to make at least, at least, and again at least, the smallest possible step toward your goal each day. We in the west call it Baby Steps which is fine, but Kaizen just sounds a bit more warrior like to my western brain, so for motivation, I'm calling it Kaizen.

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