Saturday, September 8, 2012

What keeps me going and keeps cheating to a minimum?  The picture above tells it all. Before I restarted on the low carb thing, I read Gary Taubes' GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES  Taubes did exhaustive research on why the diet authorities including the U.S. government have been promoting a low fat diet for nearly 40 years and where they went wrong in their theories.  The science is there. All I have to think about if I want to eat a sugary treat is that Alzheimer's is now called Diabetes 3 because nearly all Alzheimer's patients have Diabetes and nearly all Diabetes patients end up with Alzheimer's.  If that's not enough, think about this:  cancer cells have more insulin receptors than any other cells in our bodies.  In fact the PET scan to determine whether your tumors are growing or not, is a scan where first they inject you with radioactive glucose. Anything that lights up afterwards is a tumor. So scientists know that cancer cells loves them some sugars, but do they tell you to limit your sugar intake with regards to cancer? Hell no.  They may tell you to limit your sugar intake if you want to lose weight, but their whole food pyramid is based on grains and low fat. What's in grains?  Glucose.  And glucose is a sugar.  So there you have it. They are promoting a cancer loving diet.  Check out WHEAT BELLY by William Davis M.D.
if you don't believe me. So if you want to motivate yourself, sometimes a good dose of fear works. Yeah, I said it. But think about the positives, not only will you be losing weight, but you'll be getting healthier.

On another note, I've been stalled for nearly a year now. Not losing, but not gaining either. I have some ideas of what I should be doing to break out of this plateau, but sometimes a good book gives a person a new protocol to try.  So I just ordered  THE ART AND SCIENCE OF LOW CARBOHYDRATE PERFORMANCE by Volek and Phinney I know it involves using a glucometer and that people are saying it's the missing puzzle piece for low carb. I'll let you know.

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