Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Down Twenty Pounds 12/27/2010

Twenty pounds down in three months with no exercising. Easy peasy. I have a hard time reading the scale- the little lines between the big numbers, so I'm not weighing in every week.  So far only one person has noticed. I can tell because my pants are loose. Not going as fast as I'd like, but I have had Christmas treats, and treats every so often - non low carb treats that is, and I'm not having any problems. I eat quiche made with heavy cream but no crust, high protein cereal with heavy cream, dreamfield pasta nearly once a week. Sandwiches made with low carb bread. I snack on almonds. I know I'm eating at least if not more calories than I did before, and I'm still losing weight. So Taubes is right weight loss has nothing to do with more calories going out (expended) than going in. Not hungry, not cranky, muy contento.

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