Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ketogenic Diet Apologies

I have to admit that I haven’t posted for a while because I just don’t want to deal with blood ketone monitor and my probable wrecking of it. Sometimes I just don’t have the patience for dealing with gadgets. When I first got my iPhone and was trying to tap in my password in to activate it, it took forever because I wasn’t used to the tap screen. At one point I was actually screaming, “I hate this thing.”  I know a friend who took her new iPhone back because she was so frustrated with it. But I was determined. And after 10 tries. Yes 10, I got it activated. And I’ve never looked back. Love my iPhone which I sometimes call My Precious.

So why don’t I have the same determination with the blood ketone monitor?  Well, I guess it’s because it’s not something that’s fun. So anything that seems to be more fun or easier, ends up being what I do instead. I’m not proud of it. I recognize that I will have to deal with it if I want to take my game to the next level. So instead I’ve been trying to eat more fat and less protein. I’ve been reading what people like Jimmy Moore See Jimmy's page here. are revealing about how they did it. And I’m trying to get up off my butt and move just a tiny bit more. So far that’s been a big failure. I was never much one for exercise just for exercise.  And I wasn’t even planning on doing more than some stretch bands strength exercises and a second walk during the day. Seems pretty easy, but I have to overcome some bad habits.

One thing I will say, is that once you have a habit in place, it really just becomes so easy, so it’s really worth it to persist to make something a habit. I don’t think about not taking a walk with my dog every day. I just do. It probably helps that she comes to me and lets me know that she thinks it’s time for our daily perambulation. Some little whiny noises work too. But she doesn’t know about the plan for a (gasp) second walk, so she doesn’t make any bird-like tweets when I don’t get up out of my chair and get the ball rolling. It’s so easy to blow off your own self. I do it all the time. If you have a partner who is going to check up on you, then you have a slightly bigger commitment than if it’s just you. That’s why people join book clubs. They’d probably read without the club, but the club and their obligation to finish the book by the meeting so that they can discuss it, helps them make a reading a priority. When they could just be vegging in front of the tv set, they instead crack open a book.  I know what you’re thinking. Don’t I feel obligated to the readers of my blog.  I should.  I know,  and I also know it’s blog suicide not to post regularly.  So my apologies and I am going to work on this bad inconsistent attitude that I seem to have. It’s easy when you’re blogging to think no one is reading what you’re saying, that you’re just doing it for you. But while I may not have very many regular readers, don’t I want that to change? Don’t I want to be part of this wonderful community that is rejecting the Standard American Diet and all its pit falls and trying to get information out there?  Yes, I do. So forgive me, please,  and I will try to do better. 

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