Friday, November 16, 2012

Technological Difficulties

As you know I hate technological difficulties. I’m good at it. Hating them that is. Not really doing anything about it. Avoiding the problem for weeks including (gasp) retrying something, because if I try it, then I will know that I have to do something out of my comfort zone, like go somewhere and ask for help, or get on the phone and ask for help, or do something on the internet that is pretty much like asking for help. I guess I don’t like asking for help.

 Ok, number one, I hate making mistakes even though I know it’s the best way to learn and that you can’t learn to walk without falling down. I love, absolutely love reading books and articles that tell you how do things, but directions, I kind of read piecemeal or scan, because reading directions is stick-a-pen-in-your-neck boring. Because directions are  some of the most boring stuff ever written. Boring, but necessary.  I think there should be two types of directions included with anything that needs directions which is just about everything. One should be the boring painstaking step by step instructions for functionality most of which you don’t ever intend to use like all those extra buttons on the remote control.  Who uses all that shit? But they’re there, so there has to be instructions for them. Then number two, there should be a pared down instruction booklet, where all it tells you is the bare minimum of what you need tp do to get whatever gizmo it is to do what you want it to. And that pared down instruction manual should be funny and interesting. Crap, I’d pay a couple of bucks extra to have a short fun manual included.  But of course, I’ll want my money back if it’s not funny or short.

The answer to the question “Hey, did you get your glucometer working?” is no.  Not yet. Because I had other technical difficulties going on in my life this last week. I have Norton Anti-Virus installed on my computer.  When I go on the internet I can see the Norton approved icons next to links in a web search, but other than that I really don’t notice the program that much which is how I think it should be. It should only talk to me if something’s wrong, like malware, or hacking, or stuff I don’t want on my computer. The rest of the time it should just hum along doing its job quietly in the background. But for some reason this week or maybe last weekend when I got on Google Chrome which I do a lot, it started saying that it detected an error and then said it was looking for a fix. Fine go ahead. But then it kept looking for a fix and making the computer run really slow and, get this, it never found a fix. It just kept looking. I finally finished what I was doing and shut it down. The next day, same scenario, except this time, it doesn’t find a fix, but directs me to the website which tells me to just restart the computer.  K, I already did that but hey, I can do it again. So I do. I get back on Chrome, and it does it again, but this time it’s still looking for a fix by the time I’m done, so I just shut down again.  Get the picture? The third day I just try to cancel the looking for a fix thing since it just slows down the computer and then this time SOMETHING NEW (oh joy) I get repeated messages that Norton Identity something or other has crashed. Every time I open a new tab or click on any button in any window already open, I get this message and have to wait when the operating system asks me if I want to continue something even though the program isn’t responding and I say no. It asks me so many times, I’m screaming at it.  Then I get done with what I wanted to do in about 10 times longer than usual and I restart the computer and get on Google again, just to see what it says to do if you’ve already restarted the computer and it keeps being a pain in the ass. So after about 10 minutes when it doesn’t find a fix again, it goes online to the Norton website like before, and I read that if restarting doesn’t work, that I need to download their uninstall software and uninstall Norton and then reinstall it. WTF!!! This was their problem all along and that’s their answer?  Screw that. I’ve had this software on my computer for 5 years. I pay for upgrades.  What the hell happened? I close down thinking that this is just weird, but crap, I may have to do that whole thing. I really don’t want to. Really don’t.

But I gotta have my internet, so I get on my iPhone and get on the internet on it and do a search on Safari for the problems I’m having with Norton and there are a bunch of posts from that day talking about the same issues I’m having with the whole uninstall software thing as the answer. So I think, well, that sucks. But I gotta do it. Of course, I decide that it would be better to wait to do this uninstall and reinstall thing tomorrow. Where's my procrastination award?

So today I get on the computer and get on Google Chrome and wait for the Norton error detecting message to come on. And get this. It doesn’t.  Either they fixed it, or it fixed itself without me having to do a bunch of downloading and uninstalling which as everyone knows is no fun. So any chance my glucometer might have just fixed itself like a good little glucometer?  Guess I’ll have to find out, damn it. 

WooWoo Alert: Then I realize that this whole thing happened during a Mercury Retrograde. I'm interested, but skeptical about this New Age stuff, but you have to admit, it's weird. Just saying.

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