Monday, October 1, 2012

Wow, my first comment!

I had no idea I was on Jimmy Moore's list somewhere.  Wow! I hope that doesn't mean I have to come up with break throughs in the low carb world. I will just keep posting what the experts say like Jimmy Moore and Gary Taubes , and all the rest of the great people who are out there fighting for truth and sense after all the insanity of the Standard American Diet for the past thirty years.

I encourage people to read something by a low carb expert daily.  That keeps me going and inspired. There are so many I won't go into that now. But does anyone else have friends who see the changes you've made and want your advice? And then a couple of weeks later they call you and tell you it isn't working and they still have IBS etc. and aren't losing weight.  Or they ask you how you get over the cravings.  They can't do it. But when you talk to them, they have not bought a book on low carb, or paleo, and they are not even subscribing to a low carb or paleo blog. What is that????

Friend:  I've pretty much cut out all wheat and carbs. Well except for toast. I've gotta have my toast and cereal.

Me:  You really need to get Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.  Did you get a book?

Friend:  No, not yet. But I see that you're posting some links to his stuff on Facebook.

Me:  Did you read them?

Friend: No, I haven't had time yet.

And it goes on in this vein until you want to stick a pen in your neck.  To me it's like giving someone a recipe and them telling you it didn't turn out the way yours did, and then they tell you that they didn't follow your recipe and want your advice. My advice is follow the recipe.  Sure everyone tweaks things after they try things your way, but don't complain that it isn't working if you are not going to at least follow it once. Maybe it won't work for you, but it can't work for you if you don't give it a try the way it is.

On top of that if you can't invest fifteen or twenty bucks on a book that could improve your health, then don't waste my time asking me the same questions over and over again. Look up low carb. Read books. If what you've been told all your life isn't working for you, maybe it's time to ditch the conventional thinking for something based on, what?  Perhaps science??  But ground your practice in information.  Work your brain, first.  Your body will follow.

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