Sunday, October 7, 2012

Look What Little Old Boise, Idaho Has!

Paleo Shack, Boise's Local Healthy Food Truck!

I'm really bummed, I schlepped all the way down to the fairgrounds and Idaho Expo, to try the Paleo Shack Food Truck at the Idaho Health and Beauty Fair today and it was closed due to technical difficulties.

Sign On Closed Paleo Shack Today!

 I was really excited that there might be a healthy alternative at outdoor concert venues in the future. I'm tired of not being able to bring in food I can eat, and thereby being forced to eat junk food or do without. There are some outdoor concert venues that allow you to bring in food, but not beverages and some that don't allow coolers at all. If they don't allow you to bring in food, they should have the Paleo Shack Food Truck available for their audience members. Hell, I think even some of the bands that are playing would dig it. It would work for vegetarians too, because they offer grilled veggies. How awesome is that?  Check out their menu:

Paleo Shack Menu

Sure it's a little bit more expensive, but it's organic and healthy. Would you rather pay a doctor or just eat right?  My mouth was watering for some delicious flank steak and grilled asparagus, but as you can see even the asparagus was crossed off. Just my luck!  So I'll be looking for their next location and hoping to get my Paleo Shack restaurant review in here. 

So do any of my readers have paleo or low carb food trucks in their areas. I'm sure anyone who's traveling would like to know what's available out there. Comment away! I'd love to know. 

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